A first generation immigrant from South Korea, Mihye graduated from Duk Sung Women's University with a degree in fashion design and went to work for Korean Airlines. After traveling the world, Mihye settled in Virginia in the mid 1980's where she owned and operated a nursery and garden business. While Mihye's agricultural leanings are more towards flora than fauna, they merge with her penchant for traditional Korean cooking. Grass-fed beef is the protein mainstay of the traditional Korean diet, along with fish, vegetables, and fruit. Thus, whether it is preparing Beef Galbi, Beef Bulgogi, Pork Bulgogi, Beef Sulungtang, Beef Vegetable Soup, Beef Croquettes, or Beef Mandu (dumplings) from the beef, pork and vegetables grown at Wolf Creek Farm, Mihye is helping to sustain this traditional farming operation.

Mihye Whiteside, Grass Farmer's Wife

John took a circuitous route to Wolf Creek Farm. As the grandson of John Draught Maunsell, an Englishman who became an author and practicer of sustainable small-scale farming following a military career, John was destined for some form of sustainable agriculture. John was born and raised in Connecticut and after receiving a B.S. in Geophysics from Yale and an MBA from Harvard, John spent his early career in Corporate America. With a love of horses and fox hunting, John moved to Upperville Virginia in the mid 1980's and began sustainable grass farming on a small scale, while pursuing an entrepreneurial career. Pushed to look further south by the continued development of Northern Virginia, John found Wolf Creek Farm. Previously owned by a leading Limousin seedstock producer, Wolf Creek Farm offered a natural environment and solid foundation on which to develop a grass-fed natural beef endeavor. Partnering with Steve, the dream of a sustainable, healthy, and enjoyable farm has become a reality. Together with his wife Mihye, John raised a daughter Vanessa and son Jaehoon "David", both of whom have now graduated from college, and are pursuing off-farm careers, but come back to lend a hand when they can.

John Maunsell Whiteside, Grass Farmer

Steve's family has lived for many generations in the Wolftown-Hood area, farming, hunting, and fishing this beautiful region of the Blue Ridge Mountains. As the eldest of three sons, Steve and his brothers were all raised with their father, Phil Lamb's, traditional farming values. With ancestry from the mixing of English and Cherokees in these fertile valleys of the Blue Ridge, Steve brings to Wolf Creek Farm a natural affinity for animal husbandry and a love for the land. Through Steve, many of the old traditions are kept alive on Wolf Creek Farm as he manages the cow herd and all the infrastructure required to support them. On the occasional day when he is not caring for the farm and its animals, Steve can be found in the woods, hunting with his son William.

Steve Lamb, Farm Manager