While there is always work to be done on the farm (see farm calendar) and every day is filled with projects, both planned and unplanned, we are always pleased to see visitors. We may only be able to stop for a while to visit with you, but typically we can let you enjoy most of the working areas of the farm and perhaps bring home some of nature's bounty. Wolf Creek Farm is part of the “Slow Food” movement that is bringing people all over the world back in touch with their local customs, communities, and cultures. Not only is this process of “putting meat on the table” more enjoyable, but the beef itself is more tasty. Our customers enjoy experiencing the traditions of sustainable agriculture when they visit the farm and knowing they are helping preserve the pastoral environment of Wolftown while also improving their families’ health. With advance notice, we are also able to organize group tours, on which we spend a bit more time explaining farm life and the rhythms of Wolf Creek Farm. Spur of the moment visitors on their way to and from nearby Charlottesville, UVA, Monticello, Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park, Madison and/or Greene County Fairs, or the local vineyards and B&Bs are welcome to drop by. However, we encourage visitors to call or email us beforehand at:

Wolf Creek Farm
P.O. Box 10
Wolftown, Virginia 22748
(540) 948-5574