Our land is sheltered to the north by one of the many ridges that make up the Blue Ridge section of the Appalachian mountain range. All of the water on the farm rises from springs on our northern ridge and flows through our pastures in protected creeks that join together to flow into the Rapidan River to the south. Our animals enjoy this water from a series of gravity flow tanks and waterers placed to provide cattle with fresh, clean water within a few hundred yards of every point in the pastures. This ensures that our animals always have ample water while keeping them out of the creeks and streams and ensuring that the water leaves Wolf Creek Farm as clean and fresh as when it first rose from our springs in the woodlands.

Wolf Creek Farm has been on the Virginia Department of Conservation & Recreation's list of Clean Water and Bay Friendly Farm Awards since 1999. Wolf Creek Farm cooperates with the DCR to have other landowners tour the farm to see first-hand what an improvement watershed and riparian protection can make for the community. In cooperation with theCulpeper Soil & Water Conservation District and the Madison office of the Virginia Cooperative Extension. Wolf Creek Farm also hosts an annual field day to introduce Madison County’s 3rd grade school children to the benefits of environmentally friendly and sustainable farming.