While Grass-Fed, Natural Beef is the centerpiece of our sustainable farm, it supports and is supported by many other elements of our farm life. The principles of sustainability, health, and enjoyment apply equally well to the other grass products and grass services provided on our farm. Unlike the industrial meat conglomerates that rely upon ever increasing scale and global markets to produce returns on capital investments, we rely upon serving the demands of our local community. Unlike these industrial giants who have become masters of chemical mixology, we pride ourselves in being simply grass farmers. Many of our customers find us for our beef and are introduced to our other products. Customers frequently return to get more grass-fed beef, to try some other products, or just to visit the farm and its animal inhabitants. Our neighbors often stop by the farm and remark on the careful stewardship of the land. As our time allows, we are happy to provide farm services to these neighbors who share our love for the land but may not have the time or resources to care for it as they would like. By remaining true to our natural grass farming tradition, we are able to remain busy, healthy, and happy throughout the seasons.