Retail Price List by Cut
Wolf Creek Farm prices its grass-fed, natural beef by Individual Cut on a per pound basis of finished packaged product. Each vacuum pack has a Wolf Creek Farm label including cut description and weight with a USDA certified inspection seal. We apply retail price per pound for the individual cut to the weight of the individual pack and then apply Virginia sales tax.

Retail Price List by Quantity
We also provide discounts for Customers who want to purchase in large Quantity, with pricing established on the basis of hanging carcass weight. Customers enjoy an average per pound discount of 25% when purchasing a Whole Beeve quantity, 19% discount for a Half, and 12% discount for a Quarter when compared against purchasing individual cuts. To compare per pound finished product Individual Cut pricing against per pound hanging carcass weight Quantity pricing, the customer must understand that, typically, 34% of the carcass weight is lost to cutting and trimming, leaving 66% in finished product. These averages may vary based upon differences between the customer's Custom Cutting instructions and those we use to produce our standard mix of individual cuts.