Calves are tagged at birth to ensure we can maintain accurate records of every event in their lives. They enter a disciplined double vaccination regimen that ensures each animal and the entire closed herd remains healthy throughout the seasons. We utilize no growth hormones and do not provide routine antibiotics through feed. All animals are checked at least once daily and more frequently during calving season and other times of natural stress. If an animal does become ill or injured, we immediately remove it from the herd for treatment. We administer antibiotics only when absolutely required and then disqualify that animal from our grass-finishing program. All treatments are recorded in complete medical records for each animal. Thus, our animals remain healthy and our customers are assured their meat is hormone free and antibiotic free. We handle our herd on foot, without the use of dogs, prods, or loud noises. They are moved to fresh pasture every few days, ensuring they enjoy the most tender shoots of grass and are not forced to remain in a single pasture with an increasing presence of flies and other parasites. We weigh our animals frequently to monitor their average daily gains, which are a key determinant of the ultimate intra-muscular marbeling and tenderness of their beef. As a result, our animals remain calm, lead healthy and enjoyable lives, and reward us with tender beef.