Are the cattle that provide your beef naturally healthy due to vigorous genes or do they require antibiotics and depend upon other chemicals to remain alive? Traditional grass-finishing breeds have evolved over centuries to remain healthy without requiring antibiotics and other medicines. While we at Wolf Creek Farm will always medicate an animal as soon as it is required for individual and herd well being, we will also record this carefully and then disqualify this animal from our retail grass-finishing operation. Animals destined for feedlots are often injected with hormones and antibiotics prior to arriving at the feedlots and often records are not kept or are discarded once the animal joins the thousands of others in the feedlot. Once in the feedlot, artificial hormones and sub-therapeutic antibiotics are the norm. Over the last 50 years, commercial breeders and the large feedlot and meat packing conglomerates have bred animals for their ability to respond well to hormones and antibiotics so they will fatten more quickly in the feedlot environment. They have essentially bred our cattle to be as unhealthy as we humans have become, willing to ignore the cause and effect.