We use no growth hormones but instead promote natural growth by selecting Sires from heirloom British breeds, such as Aberdeen Angus and Red Devon. Our animals eat only grasses, no grain or other feeds laced with antibiotics, so they are high in CLA and Omega3 fatty acids (both anti-oxidants), while being absolutely free of antibiotic residues. We handle our animals with the calm dignity that keeps them from becoming stressed. With solid genetics, well-managed soils & grass, and intensive care and attention, our animals remain healthy without the need for antibiotics or other artificial man-made chemicals. Customers bring our products straight from the farm to their table, comfortable in the knowledge that industrial processors, who often add nitrites, antimicrobials, and other foreign substances, have not adulterated them.

Our grass-fed, natural beef is a result of carefully selected herd genetics, that:

  • enjoys animal husbandry based upon intensive personal care and respect with no artificial hormones and no antibiotics
  • is finished only on lush natural grass pastures with no grain or other mixed feeds​

Contrast this with the beef produced by the industrial beef conglomerates who control 98% of the US beef production, where:

  • animal husbandry consists of artificial hormones and constant antibiotics in a mechanized process
  • finishing is accomplished in confinement feed-lots by feeding grain that is produced under significant chemical fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide loads, combined with feed supplements containing antibiotics such as Rumensin to inhibit rumen gas build-up and bloat from the grain and Tylosin to reduce liver infections caused by bacteria from Ph imbalanced rumens, ionophores, synthetic estrogens to promote growth such as Revlar which are banned in Europe, liquefied fat, and other protein supplements​

Michael Pollan describes this very eloquently in his bestselling novel titled The Omnivore’s Dilemma.