Beef cuts are vacuum-sealed and flash frozen at our abattoir, 30 miles from our farm. The beef is then stored in a walk-in freezer on the farm at sub-zero temperatures. As a result, our beef transports well in coolers for several hours and we recommend it be placed back into a customer's freezer within 6 hours of leaving our farm. For planning purposes, you should prepare 1 cubic foot of freezer space for every 35 pounds of beef. A modest sized 5 cubic foot freezer will store approximately 175 pounds of beef, and thus can easily handle a Quarter.

Beef stores best in a chest freezer without a regular defrost cycle. If you plan to purchase a larger quantity of beef (50 lbs or more), we recommend the purchase of a small chest freezer, available at major retailers for $100-200. For smaller quantities that will be consumed within 60-90 days, the upright freezer section of a standard home refrigerator works fine.