• Replacement Heifers - In years when we are not expanding the cowherd to take advantage of additional grazing pastures that have been added to our stewardship, we provide fellow grass farmers with replacement heifers. These animals are progeny of superior grass finishing dams and sires that have become adapted to our Virginian environment. Herdsmen can select replacements from our herd, confident in the knowledge that they have been antibiotic and hormone free and have matured on grass rather than being pumped-up on grain. Unfortunately, we are not offering replacement heifers from the current year.
  • Pork - Pasture raised hogs and sows are processed seasonally in the spring and fall. At the current time, we are providing live animals only and inviting patrons to attend traditional hog slaughter days and bring their meat home with them. As demand for hams, loin chops, sausage and other pork products has increased, we have decided to begin offering USDA certified processed meat next year. Please let us know if you are interested and we will add your name to our growing list of expectant customers.
  • Eggs - We employ laying hens as our pasture managers. They reside in a mobile hen house and travel through the pastures with the cattle. By day, they wander the pastures scratching the grass and dung piles in search of insects, seeds and other sources of protein. In the process, they spread the cow dung more efficiently than a drag pulled behind a tractor and they leave behind their own natural fertilizer rather than burning fossil fuel. At night, they return to their mobile hen house to roost and lay eggs. Eggs are then gathered in the morning and made available to customers as they visit the farm to pick-up their beef or just tour the farm.
  • Chicken - While we plan to expand into raising chickens in the future, our days are quite full with the aspects we currently steward. However, our customers have been asking us for spent hens for stewing and we are only too happy to oblige.
  • Hay - We are not cropping with the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers used by most commercial hay producers. Thus, we are not producing the monoculture stands of Timothy and Alfalfa hay so coveted by show horse riders. However, our mixed swards of orchard grass, clover, and fescue produce a high protein (18% in 2004), highly digestible feed for field horses such as foxhunters and for most breeds of cattle. Hay is sold in 5' and 4' round bales as well as in 4' square bales.
  • Firewood - Typically available from Thanksgiving until St. Patrick's Day, with delivery arranged within a 30 mile radius of the farm.
  • Timber - We selectively cut a section of our hardwood timber each winter and invite bidders to come to the farm and quote on the logs.

Additional Grass Farm Products

  • Replacement Heifers
  • Pork
  • Eggs
  • Chicken
  • Hay
  • Firewood
  • Timber

Additional Grass Farm Services