We participate in the Charlottesville City Market, a local farmer's market, every Saturday from 7:00AM until Noon, starting the first weekend in April and concluding on the last weekend before Thanksgiving. The market is located in the Water Street parking lot between 2nd and 3rd Streets. We are typically able to bring sufficient quantities of all beef cuts to meet customer demand. However, if you have a special request or a large order, you can call us at (540) 948-5574, or email us at info@wolfcreekfarm.com during the week prior to market, to ensure we are able to fill your needs and reserve your items for pick-up at the market.

We also support customers who would prefer to create their own local Buying Club and arrange for periodic delivery. We ask interested customers to adhere to the following three guidelines when establishing a Wolf Creek Farm Buying Club:

  1. Designate a "host", at whose residence or other establishment we will coordinate our delivery, within 50 miles of the farm.
  2. Generate sufficient member demand to meet the $1,000 total delivery minimum and share the additional $100 delivery charge.
  3. Communicate efficiently via email, arrive promptly on delivery day, and bring sufficient cash or check for payment.

To inquire regarding establishing a Buying Club, please email us at info@wolfcreekfarm.com or call (540) 948-5574.