Wolf Creek Farm's Calendar:

January: Feed Cattle Hay, Vaccinate Fall Calves, Remove Bulls from Fall Herd, Repair Fences and Buildings, Select Cut Timber

February: Feed Cattle Hay, Begin Spring Calving, Select Heifer Replacements for Spring Herd, Order Supplies

March: Feed Cattle, Continue Spring Calving, Palpate Fall Cows, Apply Spring Soil Amendments, Overseed Cool Season Pastures

April: Transition Cattle to Early Grass, Complete Spring Calving, Start Farmers Markets, Prepare Haying & Clipping Equipment

May: Vaccinate Spring Cows and Turn-in Bulls, First Hay Cutting, Pasture Clipping, Plant Warm Season Pastures, Spring Farm Tour

June: Wean and Double Vaccinate Fall Calves, Cull Fall Cows, Pasture Clipping

July: Vaccinate Spring Calves, Remove Bulls from Spring Herd, Second Hay Cutting, Pasture Clipping

August: Begin Fall Calving, Select Heifer Replacements for Fall Herd, Apply Fall Soil Amendments, Stockpile Pastures for Winter Grazing

September: Continue Fall Calving, Palpate Spring Cows, Apply Fall Soil Amendments, Overseed Cool Season Pastures, Labor Day Farm Tour

October: Complete Fall Calving, End Farmers Markets, Plant Winter Pastures, Fall Farm Tour

November: Wean and Double Vaccinate Spring Calves, Cull Spring Cows, Vaccinate Fall Cows and Turn-in Bulls

December: Feed Cattle Hay, Cut Firewood, Repair, Sharpen, Winterize & Store Equipment

Year-Round: Monitor, Weigh, and Harvest Beeves at 18 to 22 Months of Age